The Process

It's often said that time is money.

In order to value the time and resources of our executive team and potential participants in the BRG program we have created a Prospect Qualifying Form.  We've learned that once candidates have reached a certain threshold in their planning and have passed milestones such as creation of business plans, our value dramatically increases.  It doesn't make sense for parties to devote a great deal of time and energy to advanced assessment until the concept is somewhat developed.

Accordingly, the first step in our process is for interested individuals and groups to submit their Prospect Qualification Form.  Members of the BRG Executive Team will review this information carefully to determine if our organization is a good fit at this stage of a potential prospect's plan.

If this proves to be the case, the next step is to set up a discovery meeting.  Members of the BRG Executive Team conduct a lengthy meeting with our prospect.  In this setting, both parties will ask plenty of questions and begin the process of determining where the prospect is in greatest need of help and resources.

A few weeks after our discovery meeting, parties return for a follow up visit.  At this time, BRG executives will share their observations and present their findings ... providing prospects with a series of tactical recommendations they can apply, as part of their process in launching, growing or improving their business.  Prospects will come out of the BRG program with specific information that will help them along their path.

As a follow up, members of the Fuquay-Varina BRG Executive Team are available to provide additional products and services to prospects.  In many cases, this is when relationships becomes more formal and prospects become paying clients of BRG members they choose to work with.  "Graduates" of the program are never pressured into hiring BRG members' firms, but we often find that our team is best positioned to help our prospects convert objectives into action.

There is never any pressure or financial obligation as part of the primary BRG program.  However, we find that in most cases, prospects see clear value in retaining the services of some or many of our members, in order to help growth their businesses.

 If you're ready to get started, simply fill out your form.  A member of team will follow up promptly after we've received your information.
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